Friday, March 4, 2016

A cab driver driving two men through the streets of downtown Belgrade, Austria during the year 1914 instructed the cab driver to a specified street intersection while one man throws a portable explode-able device out back of the right side passenger window killing all people designated to protect the Arch Duke Bishop of Canterbury meanwhile,

the cab driver of the cab is instructed to continue driving to meet the Arch Duke Bishop of Canterbury for an unscheduled lunch appointment
     These events were the major events that took place just before the outbreak of World War 1. event that took the outbreak of World War 1 of which all were planned out by a radical extremist militia group funded by the Kingdom of Serbia namely, the 'Black Hand.'

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The following words were written by Mark R. Rowe on Jan. 19, 2016 at 0950 Pacific Time

Dear Sir or Madam,

Does a pathology define the relationship between a human being and the disease that he or she might or might not have?  Do pathologists make discoveries of diseases?  Are pathologists scientists?  Are physicians scientists that make discoveries of the relationships between human beings and human beings disease that they might or might not have?  What was the name of the science found within medical science that was practiced among some physicians (but only for the years before the year 1890)  that only specialized in treating or curing the person that did not “speak”, “think,” do life, behave the like for 90% of the world’s population currently still does in the same manner.
I can answer the last question for you.  There did not exist a science found within medical science before the year 1890 that specialized in treating or curing persons that spoke differently, thought differently or behaved differently hence there was a demand for the science the Emil Kraegen discovered in Berlin, Germany in the year 1890 at Berlin College.  This discovery that we are referring to is obviously the first version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Model of Mental Disorders written by Emil Kraegen.  
Four years later another man namely, Sigmund Freud published a book with the title having the name of Psychoanalysis in Austria that was discovered in partial from some of the discovered science that Emil Kraegen published in the first version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Model of Mental Disorders.
The height of the industrial revolution if measured by only one year in modern world history could best be described as any number belonging to the set of 30 numbers from 1870-1900 but where 1870 and 1900 are the Gregorian calendar years in modern world history.
The year 1890 and the year 1894 were nothe two year that are contained within the set of possible years for the measurements for a specific calendar year that defines the year or the year that marks that height of the industrial revolution.
What possible foacts and events that are contained in the last 30 years of the 19th century caused the ruling class and the elite class during these years to begin to start the creation of a massive size, “behind the scenes” privately and publicly funded U.S. government and German governments to create many “call to action plans” for long lasting human depopulation agendas and the medical means for depopulating the masses via discovered medical science such as Vasectomy removals, the removal of embryos or embryonic tissue mass, condoms, ‘dental dams’ spermicides and, other technology engineered for the goal that achieves the taking away life or preventing the life produced by human beings.
Why did 3 Supreme Court Justices in the state of California during the winter of 1879 say something in a Sacramento California to the grand jury in a Federal Courtroom: “three generations of imbecility is enough for this family.  If we do nothing to stop their spread of their imbecility then we are still responsible for feeding useless imbeciles growing higher and higher in numbers decade after decade.  But if we decide beforehand for whom is to be worn while  also deciding who is and, who is not to produce their sons and daughters ought to have rid ourselves of imbeciles and have only kept the mentally sound, mentally gifted and strong.
H.G. Wells was one of the most influential writers during the late 19th century and throughout the early 20th century then, overshadowed by Aldous Huxley’s writings by the mid-1930’s when Adolf Hitler borrowed the ideas presented in many of Aldous Huxley’s epic novels such as the human species, the superhuman species, and the subhuman species were all ideas first supposed and published by Aldous Huxley during the first quarter of the 20th century.
The Rockefeller family by the year 1879 was the wealthiest family in the United States only second to the wealthiest family in world.  The Rockefeller family had made several large contributions to charities by the year 1879 most noteworthy the Rockefeller Foundation that was a charitable foundation that founded and funded with hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars per year that began in 1927 while its first director was a very influential woman namely, Margaret Sanger.  Margaret Sanger was concurrently the director the Rockefeller Foundation and founder of the Eugenics Society during the year 1927.  The Eugenics Society was fully funded (during its first year) from the money contributed to the Rockefeller Foundation.

Margaret Sanger was an expert public speaker that became a default U.S. figurehead for the voice of reason but while her rhetoric was accepted and adored by all to many U.S. citizen in large U.S. cities for an example of the following:  “Some people are born into this world as useless feeders that the world only feeds while they feed themselves so, why then, should the world continue to feed generations of feeders that never feed themselves and while the world feeds them and others sartex, and not starved meanwhile their generations did nothing  but only ate and lived?”