Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The American public has had enough of the N.S.A. breaking their God given rights to privacy

Those people over there in Fort Meade, Maryland, Bullis Bay, Berkeley County, South Carolina, Blomedale, Utah, Augusta, Georgia and all of the rest of the sum total of 27,000 N.S.A. employees read from only two books, and those books are: (1); the "Necronomican", (2); the ancient sacred text if the "Book of the Dead", and spend the rest of their time writing Fortran, C and C++ code while recruiting smart people to teach them advanced modern mathematics so that they are able to "make new codes", and "break new codes", advanced data-mining, and how to build newer encryption devices, thus giving N.S.A. employees a never ending inferiority complex. I am sick of hearing on the news, that the N.S.A. has done the following: installs micro and nano cameras in and around private property, uses weather and military satellites to snoop on Americans on the road driving in their car or walking down the street, and creates these enormous data sets of cyber-data to create a meta-data profile on all Americans, all in the name of fear and at the expense of breaking all laws of human privacy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The sad reality of the Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project did not meet or live up to any level of proper legal, ethical, and social boundaries. Since the large majority of public opinion says exactly just that, as previously mentioned in the last sentance, why did over 130 Universities from around the world and over 2 dozen government labs, 4 federal government agencies participate in the H.G.P.? Why was the decision to go ahead with the project, (despite the many legal, ethical and social concerns) done out of pure vanity and denial and defiance of our Lord God our Creator in Heaven? To gather the necessary blueprint data to "build a human being" was the main goal of the H.G.P. The first pre-stages of the Human Genome Project began in 1988, the H.G.P. began in 1990, and was completed in the year 2003. The project's cost was a little over billion dollars. The Human Genome Project is not very different than Eugenics. The people responsible for making the decision to go ahead with the project should feel deeply ashamed of themselves, and by now in the current year of 2014, probably deeply regret altering the very fabric of God's creation, and not the creation of men in numerous bio-chemical laboratories.